The New Prog Sound

“I have listened to it quite a number of times and it’s definitely the New Prog sound and deserves its right in the annals of the Halls of Prog Rock.

From the deep, poignant and psychological facets in the lyrics. The accentuating drums, solid, driving yet speaking out in spots where you want a strike in the song. Bass that careens throughout each song but carries a melancholy of sweet refrain that glides you through the journey.

Guitar that glistens, strikes, attacks, sings and pulls back at all the right stops and checkpoints.

Vocals that tell; a story, croon, command, demand, soulful but not saturated by processes of technological innovations (Thank you!). Not every song had to contain every element of what “Prog” entails and details which was a joy to hear that the recipe for Prog was interpreted as it was seen fit by the band.

Careful consideration was taken in arranging each song as to carry the listener throughout the album and not a slap together mess of long songs that make no sense.

Tight chord progressions, fills and blending of instruments and voice bring forth an attack of your auditory canals to your brain to absorb it entirely as if you were locked in a door without a room. It makes you think.

A multitude of influences can be heard from a wide range of bands spanning several decades including but not limited to; King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Tool, David Rhodes, Porcupine Tree, Pineapple Thief, Riverside, Rush, et al.

The album Divide contains all the components you want in a Prog album and more and Seven Second Circle has all the facets of a Prog band that will definitely deliver time and time again throughout their tenures and tours of duty as Prog ambassadors to a new generation of Prog fans and the Old Guard that holds fast to their copies of Darkside of the Moon and Larks Tongues in Aspic dearly that they will put those down to listen to Seven Second Circle and remember that this is the new sound that is Progressive Rock.

Well done Seven Second Circle, Well Done Indeed!”

Duke from Scarborough, Canada-